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Thotupola Aine Song Chords

SongThotupola Aine
Singer(s)Victor Rathnayake
Time Signature4/4
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D              D7 A          A7       D
Thotupola aine....., kawuda atha wananne
D                   A
Kawuda atha wananne..
Thotupola aine

[Verse 1]
Heandea waruwe, iwure weatake
         D7       G
Una pandure hewane..
D            D7  Am  D
Habala bindila...
D              G        D
Habala bindila peralunu oruwaka
Sunbun netha deawate
                G      D
E desa nobalam, e desa nobalam
G           D
Thotupola aine
A       A7       D
Kawuda atha wananne 

[Verse 2]
Aa maga andure peramaga egodin
          D7       G   D              D7  Am D
Tharu yuwalak aeawile, orukanda athule
D               G        D
Orukanda athule nupurudu suwadak
Diya mankada wisire, heta mama hinehimi
G         D         G         D
Heta mama hinehimi, thotupola aine
A      A7        D
Kawuda atha wananne 

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