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Sihil Sulan Ralle Song Chords

SongSihil Sulan Ralle
Singer(s)Victor Rathnayake
Time Signature4/4
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Sihil sulan ralley obe suwanda musuwe
D            D7 
Adaraye mada sinidu pahasa laba 
G         Am       D 
hadawatha dalu selawe
Sihil sulan ralleyee......
[Verse 1]
D         G    D            G    D 
Sudu wali katharey pipunu mala vage 
         C       D 
Lowthuru rasa ganga...... //
D                 C   D 
Obe adarey warusa vahala 
C              G   D-D7
Kathara dewu lowak weeee
G         C        D
Kathara dewu lowak weee
Sihil sulan ralley...
[Verse 2]
D        G  D             G   D 
Seetha himawwe kandu gata atharee 
         C        D 
Senehasa diya dahara.. //
D                         C    D 
Aatha himey kandu atharey paavena 
C          G    D-D7 
Ama suwaya pathuwee
G     C         D 
Ama suwaya pathuwee....
Sihil sulan ralley...

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