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Sanda Kan Wasila Song Chords

SongSanda Kan Wasila
Singer(s)Victor Rathnayake
Time signature3/4
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      Am      C        F      Am
Sanda kan wasila.. andure ethila.
         E    G           Am
Ganaduru ra.... thanikama na....
F            C              Am
Soya... enna ganaduru tharu niwala
  C          E            Am
Mage.. Eliya Ada oba pamani...

[Verse 1]
Am     C                 Am
Jiwathayama satu ekama suwe
E                         Am
Heesara paharaka welanu pene
Am              C              
Me lowa ma satu  ae sathu ai nethu
Am  C        E        Am
Asalwasiyeku soyanu pene......

[Verse 2]
Am          C              Am
Ma natha an satu sith bandala
E                          Am
Dathama bandagena endimi bala
Am              C
Me lowa yam dawasaka api wen wemu
Am     C       E        Am
Rahas ahas talayata yawalaa 

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