Pem Rasa Wahena Chords:Victor Rathnayake Songs and Guitar Music

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Pem Rasa Wahena Song Chords

SongPem Rasa Wahena
Singer(s)Victor Rathnayake
Time Signature4/4
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|Em  |-  |D   |-   |
|-   |G  |C   |Em  |
|G   |-  |C   |-   |
|-   |-  |Em  |-   |
|Am  |G  |D   |Em  |
Pemrasa wahena mangala geethe jeewithe
         D             C          B   Em
Madurasa wahena aadare nakatha langa  we
Nil wana piyase punchi kadelle aadare
          D                  C         B   Em
Detholehi gee sele mihimatha suwanda sada  de

[Inter 1]
|Em  |D  |C  |Em  |
|-   |-  |D  |-   |
|Em  |-  |B  |-   |
|D   |-  |C  |Em  |

[Inter 2]
|Em  |-  |Cmaj7  |-   |
|D   |-  |Em     |-   |
|-   |-  |B      |-   |
|Em  |D  |C      |Em  | 

[Verse 1]
Pem katharedi dasa niwalana
      Am             D    Em 
avaaraye aa pini warusa wewa //
Em            D    
E pem kathare ma ena athare
C                 B      Em
Thani tharuwak se paawe  wa

[Verse 2]
Sasara sandelle nagunu supem sanda
     Am            D      Em
Maki noyewa sadathanika wewa //
Em              D
Sasaren sasare  ennemi mihire

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