Sithata Denena Me Lathewul Chords:T.M. Jayarathne Songs and Guitar Music

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Sithata Denena Me Lathewul Song Chords

SongSithata Denena Me Lathewul
Singer(s)T.M. Jayarathne
Time Signature4/4
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Fm                Eb        Cm        Fm
Sithata danena me lathawul, iwasannam obe namin
   Eb   Fm Bbm          Eb  C       Ab     Cm   C#/Cm/Fm        
Jeewithaye kedinaka ho, senasennata patha oben..

[Verse 1]
Ada oba nethi bima thani wee
          Bbm  Fm
Sitha dawana   anduru hengum
Eb        Cm
Iwasannam kawada ho...
Bbm         Fm    C#/Cm/Fm
Oba himi we nam...

[Verse 2]
Ada thani yahanaka wethiri
         Bbm  Fm
Reya nonida   negena susum
Eb          Cm
Windagannam kawada ho
Bbm        Fm     C#/Cm/Fm
Oba lan we nam...

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