Raththaran Neth Deken Chords:T.M. Jayarathne Songs and Guitar Music

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Raththaran Neth Deken Song Chords

SongRaththaran Neth Deken
Singer(s)T.M. Jayarathne
Time Signature6/8
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       Em                G          D
Raththaran neth deken, Sala sihil pawan
Em         Bm          C     D      Em
Jeewithe laso thavul niwanna raththaran //

[Verse 1]
Em      D   G   D  Em
Ha haaa haa mmm mmmm
Em                   C           Em
Tharaka sinaha dele, ran kelum dile
Em                C           Em
Aadare gala hele, sihinayak wage
G        Am         G
Paluwe weli handa weteddi jiwithe
Em      Am           Bm          Em
Ma diha langawa inna rattharan mage

[Verse 2]
Em      D   G   D  Em
Ha haaa haa mmm mmmm
Em                   C          Em
Maaruthe hama yathe, mal uyan dige
Em                C           Em
Paawena walakule, sisilasak wage
G        Am       G
wedana niwi obe suneela neth wile
Em         Am          Bm          Em
Jeewithe sinaha nagawi senehasin hade

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