Kurahan Yaye Sanda Uthura Gena Chords:T.M. Jayarathne Songs and Guitar Music

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Kurahan Yaye Sanda Uthura Gena Song Chords

SongKurahan Yaye Sanda Uthura Gena
Singer(s)T.M. Jayarathne
Time Signature6/8
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Transpose these notes, tabs and guitar chords into a different key:
|Gm  |-  |-   |-   |
|-   |-  |Eb  |Gm  |
|-   |F  |-   |Gm  | 
|Gm  |-  |-   |-   |

Gm           Eb           Gm
Kurahanyaye  sanda uthura gena
Cm            G
Hithata dukak galana wele
          C             G
Ra tun yaame, gayena me gee
F          Eb        Gm  - 
Numbata asewa sudu nane...

|Gm  |-  |Bb  |-   |
|Cm  |-  |Gm  |-   |
|-   |-  |Eb  |Gm  |
|-   |F  |-   |Gm  |
|-   |-  |-   |-   |

[Verse 1]
F        Gm           F          Gm
Eda wage senda andura wew bemmen gala awith
Cm          G
Una pandure sewana sadanawa
F           Gm          G             Gm    Gm
Keewa katha raahse yali sithata negenawa..

[Verse 2]
F         Gm          F           Gm
MAge pele hineheegena sitina lesa numbe ruwin
Cm          G
Nidi padure sihina penenawa
F            Gm           G            Gm    Gm 
Aetha sitina numbe naamen deasa themenawa..

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