Mage Amal Biso Chords:Sunil Edirisinghe Songs and Guitar Music

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Mage Amal Biso Song Chords

SongMage Amal Biso
Singer(s)Sunil Edirisinghe
Time Signature4/4
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[| Dm | - | C | - |
 | Am | - | Dm| - |] 
[| Dm | - | Am| C-Dm|]

     C      Dm      Gm   Dm
Mage amal biso dora harinnepa
Honda parissamin indapan
Mama deepankare lathewulen mese
     C               Dm
Numba moodukare thaniyen

| Dm | - | C | - |
| Am | - | Dm| - |
[| Dm | - | Am| C-Dm|]

[Verse 1]
     Am              F
Yasa isuru aran sudu maththurun
 Dm       C     Dm
Eroppe indan awidin
     Am      C      Am      C
Mudu belum helai lanwenna balai
      Dm      C      Dm    
Numba nodekka se indapan

[Verse 2]
     Am              F
Anda neka andum sudu nonawarun
     Dm    C       Dm
Geta ebi balai horehin
     Am      C        Am        C
Mage punchi ewun tika langata karan
      Dm    C       Dm
Numba hodisiyen indapan

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