Oba Nisa Sitha Sitha Chords:Shirly Waijayantha Songs and Guitar Music

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Oba Nisa Sitha Sitha Song Chords

SongOba Nisa Sitha Sitha
Singer(s)Shirly Waijayantha
Time Signature4/4
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|Am  |-  | 

Oba nisa sitha sitha
      F                 G
Sitha handai lowata rahase
Oba patha mage kiya
     G      Em        Am
Mata hithai enna sithuse

[Verse 1]
    Am    F       Em     Am
Sanahanna nam apa pem hengum
   Dm           C     Am
Iwasanna wei ai me tharam
     G               F
Handawanna epa nethu kandulakin
     Em   G       Am  
Mama inne obage namin

[Verse 2]
    Am    F     Em   Am
Hinehenna ekwee inna nam
    Dm          C     Am
Oba inna semada ma langin
Hinehenna ekwee inna nam

Oba inna semada ma lagin
Reka ganna hekinam
F               Em
Apa pathum mama inne 
G         Am
Hemada thutin

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