Unu Kandulak Wee Dase Chords:Shashika Nisansala Songs and Guitar Music

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Unu Kandulak Wee Dase Song Chords

SongUnu Kandulak Wee Dase
Singer(s)Shashika Nisansala
Time Signature6/8
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|Gm  |-  |Dm  |-  | 
|Gm  |-  |Dm  |-  | 
|F   |-  |Gm  |-  | 
|D7  |-  |Eb  |Gm  |
    Gm           Dm
Unu kandulak wee dase
   Gm        Dm
Ai inne hora rahase
F         Eb       F        Gm
Handuwada denunada mage aadare //
     Cm  F     Eb     Gm
Hada wedanawen welapi yai
    Cm     F      Eb       Gm
Oba thaama dan na mage aadare

|Gm  |Dm  |Eb  |F   |
|Gm  |Dm  |Eb  |F   |
|Bb  |-   |Cm  |Gm  |
|F   |Eb  |F   |Gm  |
Gm       D     Cm      Gm
Kulundul yaame rasakalemi
Gm     D     Cm       Gm
Lamedi hanga guli kalemi
Cm             Bb
Sarasawi uyane hengeela
Cm             Bb
Pem kala sihina bonda weela
D                 Eb  F    Gm
Wena hadakata oba pem bendala

Gm      D       Cm      Gm
Oba nam na mata thawa aithi
Gm       D  Cm    Gm
Adahanne na hitha galaki
Cm                Bb
Mage mithuriya ha igilila
Cm               Bb
Oba yai ma nethu rawata
D            Eb  F     Gm   
iki gasana hada  andawala

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