Sade Oba Ai da Me Yame Chords:Rookantha Gunathilaka Songs and Guitar Music

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Sade Oba Ai da Me Yame Song Chords

SongSade Oba Ai da Me Yame
Singer(s)Rookantha Gunathilaka
Time Signature4/4
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Gm        Cm         Eb
Sande oba aida me yaame
F       Cm     Gm
Ahasa kara nagune
Gm           Cm           Eb
Sithe duka hiru niwa deamuwe
F           Cm     Gm
 Neathuwada oba danne
Dm          F
Gini hiru paya
  Dm       F
Somi sanda besala
Dm        Cm      Gm
Mage lowa eliya wela
Gm        Cm         Eb
Sande oba ayida me yame
F       Cm     Gm
Ahasa kara negune 

[Verse 1]
Fm                  Gm
Oba tharu wata kara hinehena yaame
Ab                G
 Aea dura yahan gebe
Bb       F               Eb
 Rea nonidagena welapena ma hata
D      Cm       Gm
Obagen kimada pale

[Verse 2]
Fm                   Gm
Sanda desa bala bala ma pathu pathuman
Ab                G
 Methekai kiyanna bea
Bb       F                Eb
 Hiru ma dewuwath ma lada unusuma
D         Cm      Gm
 Amathaka karanna bea..

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