Sudu Parawi Rana Se Chords:Priya Sooriyasena Songs and Guitar Music

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Sudu Parawi Rana Se Song Chords

SongSudu Parawi Rana Se
Singer(s)Priya Sooriyasena
Time Signature6/8
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A                 F#m
Sudu parawi reana se
A7      D             E
 Piya sala pasala nimawi
E7           A
 Yowun kumariyan 
pelin pelata ei
A7        Bm  D  E7    A
 Ea thama na  Ea thama na //

[Verse 1]
A            E
Poth path ahura
     F#m                A
Mudu lamata thurulu karawa //
A/A7   D         E        A
Pirunu sandak se mahada dile //
A            F#m                 Bm
Yahalu yeheliyan athare ae thama na
D  E7    A
Ae thama na..... 

[Verse 2]
A          E
Mal hina pipi
       F#m            A
Muwa madala pura randawa //
A/A7      D      E        A
Muthu ahurak se thasan sala //
A            F#m                  Bm
Ira handa dahasak parada ae thama na
D  E7    A
Ae thama na....

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