Kandam Yannam Ran Mal Dala Chords:Priya Sooriyasena Songs and Guitar Music

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Kandam Yannam Ran Mal Dala Song Chords

SongKandam Yannam Ran Mal Dala
Singer(s)Priya Sooriyasena
Time Signature4/4
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|A  |E   |A  |E  |
|A  |-   |-  |-  |
|Bm |E7  |A  |-  |
|-  |-   |   |

|A  |-   |-  |-  |

A                          A    A7    D     Bm
Kendam yannam ran mal mala daala..... aaa.. aa..
G            A
Paayana tharuwe....
E             A
Tharu palanda, muthu palanda
Bm          E        A   E7 
Tharu muthu wel palanda....

|F#m  |-  |A   |-  |
|F#m  |D  |Bm  |-  |
|A    |D  |Bm  |A  |
|E    |D  |-   |A  |
|-    |   |

|A    |-  |-   | 

[Verse 1]
Tikiri kaalaye gee gayu wee
       A7    D
Wew there yaaye...
Bm     A     A7   G
Punchi oruwe paa..wela yana
Em    G      A  A7 
Nelum nil yaaye...
Bm            A
Sanda negila, mal pipila..
Bm     E    A   E7 
wew there aaye......

[Verse 2]
Senehe paawe maaliga wen
        A7      D
Muthu sinaha raawe..
Bm   A       A7    G
Soya sihinen paa...wela yamu
Em    G        A  A7
Aetha kandu yaaye..
HiAmi wewa.... 
Kawada ho....
Bm      E       A  E7
muthu sinaha raawe...

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