Pem Apsarawo Mal Sala Sinawe Chords:Milton Perera Songs and Guitar Music

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Pem Apsarawo Mal Sala Sinawe Song Chords

SongPem Apsarawo Mal Sala Sinawe
Singer(s)Milton Perera
Time Signature4/4
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G  -  Bb  G  Bb  G/C/D/G

G                C       G
pem apsarawo mal  sala sinawe
        C     D7         G
adare sithare gum nagawi jeewee

hoo ho ho pem apsarawo..//

G  Bm  D  G  -  Am  D7  G

[Verse 1]
ran tharu nidan keru dase mam
C        Am           G
 kalbala nisal suwen  wasa wem.//
G             Am
rathee ragana nithaba salana
G             C   G
soduru piyaba ran kirilla

pem apsarawo.....

sathsare hadin piree wadan obe
C         Am          G
math kere sawan mage  rasin ibe...

ho ho ho..//
G           Am
mahada arana suwada karana
G             C      G
sulaga ragena hanika enna

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