Sandawe Ran Wala Chords:Milton Mallawarachchi Songs and Guitar Music

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Sandawe Ran Wala Song Chords

SongSandawe Ran Wala
Singer(s)Milton Mallawarachchi
Time Signature4/4
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Sandawe ran wala
         F7      Bb
Sayure gilee pawela
F                 C      Bb
Andure pahan dalwena mohothe
C       Gm   C      F
 Oba ai maga thaniwela...//

[Verse 1 ]
Gm                   F
Hadunanna bari wenna sewanak yatin
Gm                F
Oba inne kaurunda enakan ithin
Eb                   F          Bb
Me rae gewee nawatha heta wuu dine
C                 F
 Sanasum susum ewinam

[Verse 2]
Gm              F
Kaurun nisado obe jeewithe
Gm                 F
Gewanne mese maha rea maawathe
Eb                 F         Bb
Waradak sithannawu minisun kere
C                    F
 Dewiyan kama kala mane

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