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Pem Rajadahane Song Chords

SongPem Rajadahane
Singer(s)Milton Mallawarachchi
Time Signature4/4
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[Intro / Inter]
G | - | F | Dm |
G | Dm| G |  

G                        F
Pem raja dahane ahas maliga
Dm              G
Sindi bindi natabun wisire
C      G
Koheda ma yanne//

[Verse 1]
G         F
Eda patan pem bendi
Dm          G
Handu pem wathun nethin
Maha kandulu ganga
Dm       G
Mawuna lowe
Ewan atheethe raye
        F   Dm        G 
Ma asaranai ma thaniwamai

[Verse 2]
G           F
GAse ethena mal latha
Dm            G
Miyema prem susum lowe
G             F
Paalu welara aine
Dm      G
Naadan ithin
Ewan atheethe raye
        F    Dm        G
Obe piliruwe roo siru mewei

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