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Oba Den Keewath Song Chords

SongOba Den Keewath
Singer(s)Milton Mallawarachchi
Time Signature4/4
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D               G 
Oba den keewath kandulu sala
A                D
Mata aradarei kiya
D         B          G
Hithagiya thenakata thuruluwela
A        A7th   D
Menike nowen mula
[Verse 1]
D           G 
Issara wage athwel bendagena,
A         A7th   D
yannada katha kale,..
G                D 
Dedeneku deethin alla gannata
G       A7th      D
ekawara noheka lowe
[Verse 2]
D                    G 
Lassana mal pethi,.. Dethaka podiwuna 
A7th             D
sulange wisirenawa
G              D 
Menikege adara sumihira gilihuna,. 
G         A7th     D
Mage hada nerapanawa

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