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Me Mai Gaha Yata Song Chords

SongMe Mai Gaha Yata
Singer(s)Milton Mallawarachchi
Time Signature4/4
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 Mee mei gaha yata
        Gm  Ab Bb
Dawasak daa aa aa
Wassata api unna
           Ab   Bb      Eb
Rathu kata wage mei mal pipi
Gm       Ab      Eb Ab Eb Bb
 Apata sevana dunna aa aa aa
Apata sevana dunna

[Verse 1]
Eb            C#     Eb
 Mei mase eka  sande waruwaka
        (Gm)       C#        Eb
Sithala wahi poda  watena wele
              Eb7       Ab
Adara viyowak  sithin niwena sanda
Fm        Ab        C#        Eb
 Wahipoda see nethu kadulu salee
         C#                 Eb
Wahipoda see nethu kadulu salee

[Verse 2]
Eb           (Eb/D/C#)      C#      Eb
 Wahi poda watunath         issara wage
        (Gm)     C#         Eb
Mei mal pipunath rathata rathe
                  Eb7      Ab
Apa dedeneku netha ada maa pamanai
Fm       Ab      C#       Eb
 Mei gas sewanee adura pethe
        C#               Eb
Mei gas sewanee  adura pethe

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