Gamane Gim Nivu Chords:Milton Mallawarachchi Songs and Guitar Music

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Gamane Gim Nivu Song Chords

SongGamane Gim Nivu
Singer(s)Milton Mallawarachchi
Time Signature4/4
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D               D7
Gamane gam niwu eda
D        D7      G
Seanasum pawan sala
               D   C
Oba maa dawai diwa rea
       Am      D
Ada so susum hela 

[Verse 1]
D      D7      D
Oba maa mula wela giya
    D7      G
Pem pahan niwa
Em               A
Ahithak hithanne neahe priye
            D   D7             G
Sihinekin pawa, ada obage jeewithe
                 D                    C
Katharakiee chaluka, Hinehenne yali dine
     D7  Am   D
Daiwaye  tharuka 

[Verse 2]
D       D7      D       D7          G
Mathake thibeda e yuge, maage chethana
Em                A       G         D
Weatahenne deanda aadare, shoka Wedana
D7              G                 D
Ghana andhakaaraye, paaluwe kimiduna
                  C        D7  Am   D
Hineheanne yali dine, daiwaye  tharuka

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