Dawasak Thiyewi Chords:Milton Mallawarachchi Songs and Guitar Music

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Dawasak Thiyewi Song Chords

SongDawasak Thiyewi
Singer(s)Milton Mallawarachchi
Time Signature2/4
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D          D7    G
Dawasak thiyewee wenwunu oba maa
D                 A
Nawathat muna gasena
D           D7    G
Kandulak thiyewee  maa langa edine
D     A       D
Obe namin galana

[Verse 1]
D        Bm     D         Bm       D
Nathuwen kadala mala wisi kala wilase
D       Bm          D         Bm      A
Waradak nathath mata oba pitu paa dawase
D         G      A       A7      D
Wal math una maa asarana pem piyase
G                 D
Mata thaama nodane monawa unadoo
A       A7      D
Apa dedenata priye

[Verse 2]
D       Bm     D         Bm     D
Hinehenawa oba  maa handana dawase
D       Bm     D       Bm       A
Nalawenawa oba ohu haa rasa pahase
D         G      A       A7      D
Obatath labaawee dawasak mata waage
G                  D
Mata thaama nodane monawa unadoo
A       A7      D
Apa dedenata priye

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