Ama Ran Hengum Piri Chords:Milton Mallawarachchi Songs and Guitar Music

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Ama Ran Hengum Piri Song Chords

SongAma Ran Hengum Piri
Singer(s)Milton Mallawarachchi
Time Signature4/4
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|G  |F  |G  |F  |
|G  |-  |-  |-  |
|F  |-  |-  |-  |
|G  |-  |F  |-  |
|G  |F  |G  |-  | 
|-  |-  |F  |-  |
|-  |-  |G  |-  |
|F  |-  |G  |F  |
|G  |

           G                  F
Ama ran hengum piri senehe bindeela
           G      C            G  F  G
Kandulel gala  yaawi denuwan wida uwa //

Ama ran hengum pire...

|G  |-  |-  |-  |
|F  |-  |G  |-  | 
|F  |-  |G  |D  |
|G  |D  |G  |

[Verse 1]
            C  Ab  Am              G  Eb  Em
Nala wel wedi  la        ruwalath irila
           D              G  G/F#/F
Rala rel getila naukawa bindi
Wenasi giya

[Verse 2]
           C  Ab  Am               G  Eb  Em
Wana mal pipe do       bambarun handa doo
        D          G    G/F#/F
Me duk asedo obage hade
Kisida lande...

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