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Ran Meevitha Purawa Song Chords

SongRan Meevitha Purawa
Singer(s)Mervin Perera
Time Signature6/8
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Transpose these notes, tabs and guitar chords into a different key:
| Em | G | D | Em |
| G  | C | - | -  |
| D  | - | D7| Em |
| Em | - | - | -  |

Em           B          C        Am
Ran meevitha purawa surathe... howa
D                           G      Em D
Sirikatha sawudiya pirumata a... niya
        C           B
Madu thepul sarahanawa
        D            B          Em [| C | Em |]
Hade thewul piasademuwe obai lande

| Em | D | - | G  |
| D  | - | C | Em |
| C  | D | G | Em |

[Verse 1]
Em               B
Thisarun piri... wanavil sali
B         D      Em
Pewasu hangum adare... //
               B       Am
Sisile weli... pawane edi...
C          D     D7       Em [| C | Em |]
Panamen bendi... ma ha rendi

[Verse 2]
Em              B
Kandule weli... andure gali...
B         D        Em
Kelambu pathum sagare... //
                  B          Am
Sanda ken ridi... therapi rendi...
C        D     D7         Em [| C | Em |]
Penaya nohi... wethiri hindi

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  1. This Chords are wrong the scale is Eminor. Since it is posted for educational purpose whoever the administer should concern about the accuracy of these postings.

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