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Labendiye Song Chords

Singer(s)Lahiru Perera
Time Signature4/4
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[Verse 1]
A                      D (Barre chords D/C#/Bm)
Oba enna sulange dewatila
Bm                   E  (Barre chords E/Eb/A)
Ma inne oba den ei kiya
A                         D (Dsus4/D)
Sudu hansa thatuwe sethapila
Bm                       E
Pem karamu rahase sengawila

       A            F#m
Labandiye... labandiye....
     D           E   (E7)
Ma sithum sira kala...
       A             F#m
Labandiye.... labandiye....
     D          E
Ma sithin pem kara

[Verse 2]
A               D      (Dsus4/D)
Na dalla waage, didulana
Bm                      E
Mudu haadu wessen ma thema
A                        D
Oya dethol athare sira wela
Bm                      E
Mata inna athnam thaniwela...

[Verse 3]
A                      D
Kiri kawadi maale ma gotha
Bm                      E
Oya gele palanda heda bala
A                      F#m
Ma winda sathute nim soya
F                         G   E
 Oba yanna sulange apa thama...

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