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About Sulanga Obada Song Chords

SongSulanga Obada
Singer(s)Kasun Kalhara
Time signature4/4
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Sulanga Obada Chords

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G          C
Sulanga obada...
     Am      G         F    C
Mage susuma aran yanna enawada
Sulanga obada
          F    C              Am F G
Mathakaya gena yanna yanawada...
         C G# A# C
Tharuwa obada
      G     F     C
Ahase  thaniwenna oneda
     Dm            F     G      C
Eya obada yali hamuwenna   enawada 

[Verse 1]
Lejjawatado ahaka balanne
       Dm             G
Hurathalatado moona wahanne
          Bb    G          Dm
Tharaha welado...., hina nowenne
F         C    G        C
 Yali kawadado, apasu enne 

[Verse 2]
Senasiimatado, aeatha balanne
    Dm              G
Aadaretado mata ridawanne
         Bb    G            Dm
Kawuru nisado..... oba lathawenne
F         C     G        C
 Yali kawadado , api hamuwanne 

Thaniya mata da ..
     Am        G        F    C
Mage thaniya maka ganna enawada
         Dm            F          C       Am F G
Sihina matada, sihinen deka ganna enawada 
          C    G# A#  C
Kandulu matada......... 
      G     F   C
dease wiyelenna denawada
          Dm      F         C
Duka mata da mage duka wida ganna denawada

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