Obe Sitha Ma Sitha Wen Kala Chords:Kasun Kalhara Songs and Guitar Music

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Obe Sitha Ma Sitha Wen Kala Song Chords

SongObe Sitha Ma Sitha Wen Kala
Singer(s)Kasun Kalhara
Time Signature4/4
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Dm C Dm
Obe sitha ma sitha wen kala
Gm F
Sithuwili sangili paalama
Am F Gm
E me atha wenena
C C7 Dm
Chakithaya sitha danana

[Verse 1]
F Am C Dm
Aega samabara kara enne kohomada
C Dm F Dm
Hamana wita adare kunatuwa
C Am Dm
Aedagena wetunath hithata biyak nam na
C Dm Am Dm F
Obage senehasa diya suliye sirawi
Am Bb Dm
Ma miyedunath kamak na

[Verse 2]
F Am C Dm
Keeri geahena kan aya sitinnada
C Dm F Dm
Bidena wita paalame reahan pata
C Am Dm
Deasa piyagena man piyawala meanna
C Dm Am Dm F
Oba maa deagili hamuwu vigasa keena
Am C Am Dm
Apa sith wen kala paalama biduna
Am C Am Dm
Apa sith wen kala paalama biduna

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