Nagena Lahiru Rasin Chords:Kasun Kalhara Songs and Guitar Music

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Nagena Lahiru Rasin Song Chords

SongNagena Lahiru Rasin
Singer(s)Kasun Kalhara
Time Signature2/4
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Transpose these notes, tabs and guitar chords into a different key:
|C   |Dm  |Em  |F   |
|C   |Dm  |Em  |F   |

    C  Csus4  A7      Dm
Negena Lahiuresin pibidee
     G  G7        F      C
Hamana  mada sulange dewatiii
   E7  Am     F          G
Pipena piyuma wilasa serasii
       G7        Csus4  C
Pibidi gayamu thutin thuthi gee

|C   |F   |C   |G   |
|C   |F   |Em  |F   |
|C   |F   |C   |G   |
|C   |F   |Em  |F   |

[Verse 1]
C                   F/Dm
Dew daru api sewoma
G7              C
Ada yagika wanne
         Am      Dm
Pudanata diwi apage
F        G7    C
sathitin apa enne

[Verse 2]
C                  F/Dm
Mee himidiri udaye
G7             C
Api pudasuna hamuwe
          Am      Dm
Dew puthu pidu yage
F        G7       C
Sihi karanemu melesee

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