Mal Warusawe Chords:Kasun Kalhara Songs and Guitar Music

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Mal Warusawe Song Chords

SongMal Warusawe
Singer(s)Kasun Kalhara
Time Signature4/4
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[Verse 1]
C   Am         F     G     Am 
Mal warusawe.. pawee ennam
           F      G         Am
Ra adure.. tharu kata athurin
F   G       Am
Oba enawanam
F     G   C              Am
Radennam sithay seetha raye
F         G     Am
Thanikama nodane
F   G   Am    F    G   Am
Nil akase     pavi ennam
F  G     A
Pavi ennam
| Dm | G | C | Am|
| Dm | G | C | E |
| F  | G | C | F |
| Bb | - | G | - |
[Verse 2]
C        Am       F    G
Pinidiya visurunu gan iwure
Am            F        G
Diya rala bidune gee hada say
Em          F
Oba ma una sihina paye
F      G        Am
Sanehey danuney
F   G      Am F   G     Am
Mal warusawe  pavi ennam
F   G     A
Pavi ennam

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