Mage Divi Pananala Rakinne Chords:Kasun Kalhara Songs and Guitar Music

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Mage Divi Pananala Rakinne Song Chords

SongMage Divi Pananala Rakinne
Singer(s)Kasun Kalhara
Time Signature3/4
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Transpose these notes, tabs and guitar chords into a different key:
A   | F#m  | Bm  | -
E   |  E7  | A   | A7
D   |  Bm  | E   | -
Bm  |  E7  | A   | -

A    A7       D      A
Mage divi pananala rakinne
     F#m     A  A7    D      Bm
Oba pamanaki jeesune, diviya pura oba
C#m  F#m  E        E7     A  A7
Aalo ke   sema napuri sarane
D      Bm       C#m  F#m  E        E7     A
Diviya pura oba Aalo ke   sema napure sarane

[Verse 1]
A       C#m  D           E             A      A7
Oba herama   an kawareku wetha yannada samide
       D  E7            A           C#m
Obamai ma mathu pilisarane, natha kisida
D           E7            A
Kuruse bara herada pasu beasse
F#m     Bm  E        A
Diwiya obe  mage samide...

[Verse 2]
A       C#m  D          E        A    A7
Sara sande   somikelman galana horawe
         D  E7            A
Pilisandare sathutin neawathi
       C#m  D        E7           A
Diviya pura anandaya wu seti sihi ganwa
F#m      Bm   E           A
Rendemi obe nethu kel athare

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