Lihiniye Chords:Kasun Kalhara Songs and Guitar Music

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Lihiniye Song Chords

Singer(s)Kasun Kalhara
Time Signature4/4
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Transpose these notes, tabs and guitar chords into a different key:
|Dm  |C   |F  |C  | 
|Gm  |Dm  |F  |C  | 
|Dm  |-   |-  |-  |

|Dm  |C   |Bb  |Am  |
|Bb  |C   |Gm  |-   |
|Dm  |C   |Bb  |Am  |
|Bb  |C   |Dm  |-   | 

Dm    C    F     Dm    Gm      C
Lihiniye kiyanna paara weradunida

Gm   C     Bb
gebberai nawo geba
Gm     C           Bb
Seetha hiri kada hamai
Dm    C    F
Lihiniye kiyanna

[Verse 1]
Dm       Bb   C     F
HIri kadata nothemenna
Dm      Bb      C  F
Seethalata guli wenna
C              F
Yana gaman nawathinna
Bb  C       Dm
Awado hitha pilata 

[Verse 2]
Dm   C          F          Gm
Ahenakota handa kauluwata ehawen
   C           F
Iwasanna ba thawath
      Gm     Dm
Lihiniye nawathinna
C            Bb
Lihiniye nawathinna

      Dm     F       C               Gm
Numba aaye igilieida mata bayai thanikamata
   C              F
Na kamak na lihiniye
    Gm         Dm
Dawasakata nawathinna
C            Bb
Lihiniye nawathinna
Dm    C         F
Lihiniye nawathinna
Dm     Gm     C         Dm   
Ekama eka dawasakata hindinna
Gm    C      Dm      Bb  Dm
Lihiniye nawathinna.........

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