Heta Aluth Aluyamak Chords:Kasun Kalhara Songs and Guitar Music

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Heta Aluth Aluyamak Song Chords

SongHeta Aluth Aluyamak
Singer(s)Kasun Kalhara
Time Signature4/4
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[| Bm | - | F#m | - |
 |  G |G#m| F#m | - |]

Bm              G
Heta aluth aluyamak 
Em       E     A
Wena kawaradakatath wada
D         C#m  Bm    G        A
Mihimatha mal....  pipena dawasak
D       F#m   Bm
 Punchi kumariyak
    G     A   F#m
Hirimal hina aran
     Bm     F#m     G
Maga bala inna  bawata
Em       A       D
Dun nisa, poronduwak

[Verse 1]
A      Gb       Bm   G        Em  Gb   Gb7        Bm   
 Irath     hangila,   bala hindi   wala   kandu yatin
Bm7          Em   E     A A7
   Laahiru kadambayak hela
        D  D7   Bm    F#m G      A
Apa hamuweema karanna      aalokamath
        D  D7   Bm    F#m G Em A     D
Apa hamuweema karanna      aaaaaalokamath

[Verse 2]
A    Gb       Bm  G       Em Gb Gb7         Bm
Sulanga gal gahi,  hama noye  aetha kandu wethin
        Em    E     A
Laapan ahurak wisuruwa,
        D  D7   Bm    (F#m) G      A 
apa hamuweema karanna       asirimath
        D  D7   Bm    (F#m) G      A    D
apa hamuweema karanna       asirimath

| Bm | F#m | G | A7 |
|  D |

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