Obe Sina Langa Chords:Jagath Wickramasinghe Songs and Guitar Music

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Obe Sina Langa Song Chords

SongObe Sina Langa
Singer(s)Jagath Wickramasinghe
Time Signature4/4
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|D/Dsus4...  |C  |Bm  |Bb  |D  |//

D             F
Obe sina langa netha newathunu da
C              Am
Obe katha langa sitha newathunu da
Bb              Dm
Premaya hendinneme..
C               Am
Premaya hendinneme..
Me lo thalaye

D              Gm           D    A       D
Kumatada upama ithinhase un premawanthain gen
              Gm             D     A7     D
Kumatada adaraye pem semarum pem paraadessen
C               Bb           Gm          D
Imak konak nethi akase tharu paya ena sema
C               Bb                  G        A7     D 
Imak nimak netha pem hadawath thula pem sithuwili boma

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