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Manike Obe Sinawe Song Chords

SongManike Obe Sinawe
Singer(s)Eral Fernando
Time Signature2/4
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D                             A
 Menike obe sinawa, diyawel gala giyawe
Namal pipi udawe, adare obe sinahawe //
                    A                  D
Mihire oya patha we, me gamana me dura awe //
G         A                   D
 Piligannako dayawe, ma obe supemlathawe 
         A                   D
Piligannako dayawe, ma obe supemlathawe
Menike obe sinawa...
[Verse 1]
D                    G      A      D
 Sewanellavi sansare, awa soya oba pare //
        A                         D
Jeewe supem sithare, thanuwa ma wemi mihire //
[Verse 2]
D                   G        A       D
 Premadare kusalana, uthuragiya madu pane //
         A                     D
Sudo obe oya sudu muhune, alokede sandapane //

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