Mathakayan Amathaka Keruwath Chords:Dushan Jayathilake Songs and Guitar Music

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Mathakayan Amathaka Keruwath Song Chords

SongMathakayan Amathaka Keruwath
Singer(s)Dushan Jayathilake
Time Signature4/4
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G             D         G
Mathakayan amathaka keruwath
D              G
Amathaka wenne na
C           Bm        Am    D    D7   G
Oba epa yai mata sithunath, epa wenne na..
G             D          G    D            G
Yali ewi yai, sitha keewath, oba yali enne na
C             Bm         Am
Sitha pura aadare karannata
D        D7      G
Mata den kauruth na..

[Verse 1]
F                Am      C    D     D7   G
Anda andaaa mama kal gewwath oba lebenne na
C             Bm        Am  D         D7      G
Nolebena bawa mama kiwwath, sitha piliganneth na
F                 C           D         D7  G
Mama nomethi lowa kawadawath, oba thani wen na
C                Bm     Am         D            G
Oba nomethi lowa kawadawath mata sithe sathutak na

[Verse 1]
F             C           D       D7     G
Sihiwena hema mohothokadi nositha innath ba
C          Bm     Am         D            G
Hudakalawe innata sithuwath, ehema innath ba
F                C
Sitha sithaa oba gena hemadamath,
D       D7    G   C           
Mata adannath ba, oba nethi paaluwa
Bm       Am   D     D7      G
Mata denunath wenas wennath ba 

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