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Nilupul Denethai Song Chords

SongNilupul Denethai
Time Signature4/4
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D       F#m      Bm        G
Nilupul denethai    Komala mohunai
Em       A7      D
Oba mata kusumak wage hegei
Bm         B7       Em      G
Mage hitha sasalai, denuwan kelambei
A   A7             D
Kiyaganna ba , aadare...

[Verse 1]
D         F#m     G        Em
Digu neth belmai, sudu obe muhunai
G      A    F#m   E         E7
Oba ma lanwuwaa.. mage hada nisalai
A           G          A      D
Obawama adi sitha asarana wenawa

[Verse 2]
D      F#m     G       Em
Oba ma amathu, mul dina senakin
G    A           F#m
Mage muwa golu wuwaaa
E        E7     A
Pem lowa obamai obawama pathamin
G       A7        D
Ada maa latha wenawa....

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