Kumariyak Wage Obata Chords:Clarence Wijewardena Songs and Guitar Music

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Kumariyak Wage Obata Song Chords

SongKumariyak Wage Obata
Singer(s)Clarence Wijewardena
Time Signature6/8
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[| D  | -  | A  | -  |
 | -  | -  | D  | -  |]

D                    D7         G
Kumariyak wage obata ruwa deela etha...
A                       A7          D
Sina bidak mata dennata sitha deela netha... //
D                        G
Oba sinasenna nehe danne piyabanna serasenne..
A        A7        D
Ahankara belma koindoo...

[Verse 1]
D                          D7              
Ela iwre guru pare weta aine adipare..
       G         E
ma dekala hema ware...
Ha ha ai rawanne ma dihada..
            A         D 
pem keranna api epada den..

[Verse 2]
D                            D7
Etha thiya dutu wele ahaka bala yana thaale..
        G          E
thama durai mage kale..
ha ha tharaganne paw noweda..
           A         D
Ai rawanne api epada den..

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