Dewathawan Sithana Dewal Chords:Clarence Wijewardena Songs and Guitar Music

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Dewathawan Sithana Dewal Song Chords

SongDewathawan Sithana Dewal
Singer(s)Clarence Wijewardena
Time Signature4/4
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|Fm  |Ab  |-   |F   |
|-   |G   |-   |F   |
|-   |Eb  |-   |F   |
|-   |-   |-   |Eb  |
|-   |-   |Gm  |-   |
|-   |Bb  |-   |-   |
|-   |C   |-   |-   |
|-   |

F           Bb
Dewathawan, sithana dewal
F            Bb
Diwya loken, mepita en na
Gm              Eb
Hiru resin hema, pini bindakmath
C             F
Dilisi dilisi awadi wenne


Eb                 F
Daiwayai, iranamai jeewithaya samagin
Eb                 F
Daiwayai, iranamai jeewithaya samagin
Bb               F
Rangana rengumak do 

F (Repeat)

Dangakaara samanal awadiye api

Igilune apekshawan kara

Pini sulange dewatamin

Kaansiyata gee gayuwa

Ape gee asune apata pamanai

[Guitar Solo] 

F (Repeat)

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