Seethale Tharu Dilena (Christmas Song) Chords:Bathiya and Santhush (BnS) Songs and Guitar Music

Seethale Tharu Dilena (Christmas Song) Music Video (Youtube)

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Seethale Tharu Dilena (Christmas Song) Song Chords

SongSeethale Tharu Dilena (Christmas Song)
Singer(s)Bathiya and Santhush (BnS)
Time Signature4/4
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Transpose these notes, tabs and guitar chords into a different key:
D                     Bm
Seethale tharu dilena mediyame
Em                     A
Chatu dee nethu ha yawila
D                       Bm
Paaluwe muthu pini diya paawela
Em                    A
Jeewithe sithu se gewila
G          A            Bm A  G
Ra akasaye dilila tharu paayaala
     G        Em         
Dilena horawa mewila
Me aaloke me loke renduna sada

|D   |-  |Bm  |-  |
|Em  |-  |A   |-  |

D  Bm  Em  A
D  Bm  Em  A

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