Mal Pan Podak Chords:Bathiya and Santhush (BnS) Songs and Guitar Music

About Mal Pan Podak Song Chords

SongMal Pan Podak
Singer(s)Bathiya and Santhush (BnS)
Time signature4/4

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Mal Pan Podak Chords

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Mage sihine obai
F#m             Bm  G
   Mage sihine obai
Thani yahane nowei
      A          Bm        A
Aadaraye hada unusuma obai
Obe senehe magei
F#m             Bm
   Obe senehe magei
G              D
 Thani yahane nowei
      A      Bm             A
Aadaraye oba  muthulel wati

          D                Bm
Mal pan podak, kiniththak agin
         Em              A
Isinna wagei mata obe adare //
A                D
Nelumak nelunak aran

          D              Bm
Obagen tharam labu pem wadan
          Em               A
Ithin aadarei nam bomai hangum //
A                D
Ahasak ahasak tharam...

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