Adawan Dasin Chords:Victor Rathnayake Songs and Guitar Music

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Adawan Dasin Song Chords

SongAdawan Dasin
Singer(s)Victor Rathnayake
Time Signature4/4
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F      Am    Bb         Dm
Adawan dasin pawasanu  rahasin
C       F       C           F
jeewithaye rasa miyayai wigasin

[Verse 1]
F                           Bb
Pama wemin hindinata naetha wela
             C     F
Kalaya igili yai igli yai
F      Am       F          Bb       
Pama wemin hindinata netha wela
       Gm    C      F
Kalaya igili yai igili yai
      Bb          C       F
Supul dethol rath pahayen thawara
Dm    Gm           C       F
Supul deothol rath pahayen thawara
C                       F
Meewitha uthura yai uthura 

[Verse 2]
F      Dm       Bb    F
Awul duhul wala sihil pahasa mada
        C       Dm      F
Rangana rangana nonawathwanu mana
      Bb         Gm      F
E gee handa mulu jeewithayama sathu
         Dm       C         F
Rasabara sulu mohothai sulu mohothai
       Bb    C       F
Ra sihinen diwa kas mpathk se
C                         F
Heta dina eya miyayai miyayai

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