Wena Kauruwath Na Ne Chords:Tehan Perera Songs and Guitar Music

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Wena Kauruwath Na Ne Song Chords

SongWena Kauruwath Na Ne
Singer(s)Tehan Perera
Time Signature4/4
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|G  |D  |Am  |-  | 

[Verse 1]
G        D      Am
Awanatha ne...mage...
G       D         Am
G         D        Am
Ahidaara dige..oya rupe diwena raye
G       D         Am
Nodeni denuna den aadare..
G              D          Am
Wena kauwuruth na ne..oba wage..

|G  |D  |Am  |-  |

C                    G
Gewena thapparayak gaane
C                     G
Gehena hada gesme thaale
D                     Am
Mumanai heen hadin waage
D                G   E7
Obamai oane sansaare..
D                G
Obamai oane sansaare..

[Verse 2]
G         D     Am
Nethuwama baa..obe..
G            D      Am
Suwapath karana senehe..
G           D      Am
Mata daawa thye..nambare hemadaame
G          D           Am
Rakimi miyenathek manika se
G            D          Am 
Wenakauruth na ne...oba wage..

|G  |D  |Am  |-  | 

C                   G
Gewena thapparayak gaane..

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