Wala Theerayen Eha Chords:T.M. Jayarathne Songs and Guitar Music

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Wala Theerayen Eha Song Chords

SongWala Theerayen Eha
Singer(s)T.M. Jayarathne
Time Signature3/4
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Transpose these notes, tabs and guitar chords into a different key:
  Am         C        Am
  C         Em        G
  Em        G         Am
F           Dm        C
 F     Am   G    Am

Am         C
Wala theerayen eha
  G        E
koheda Lokayak...
  Am         G    C
soya edenn pathum bidunu
F     C   Am
Apema Lokayak....
 E    E7  Am
Apema Lokayak...

   Am   F    Am   Eb+ 
 Am        G7         Am 
 G         Am 
 C     G    Am    D    F   Am

[Verse 1]
   Am         Em   Am
Tharangayak lesin adi
   F    G     C
bindi noyan sethin
  Dm          C
wasanthayak lesin udawa
Em   G    Am
Enna jeewithen...

[Verse 2]
  Am          Em    Am
Sihil sahan susum sarin
  F     G     C 
pawan rodak lesin
  Dm         C
neum pathum aran wadinna 
Em   G    Am
pem uyan dorin...

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