Chandikamata Randuwak Wela Chords:T.M. Jayarathne Songs and Guitar Music

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Chandikamata Randuwak Wela Song Chords

SongChandikamata Randuwak Wela
Singer(s)T.M. Jayarathne
Time Signature6/8
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[|  G  |  G  |  D       |   D  |
 |  G  |  G  |  D7/C/G  |   G  |]
G             (Em)       Am
chanadikamata randuwak wela
D            D7        G
punchi putha inne hangila

[Verse 1]
G                           Am
aiyata gahala - nangiwa wikala
D           D7        G
yaluwo tika tharaha wela
       Am             G
sellam karanne ka samagindo
Am         D7           G
punch puth dan thaniwenawa

[Verse 2]
G                        Am
aiyai nangi - yaluwo gonnai
D            D7       G
serama honda daruwo wela
          Am                G
eka muthu unanam - ne honda wenne
Am           D7        G
punchi lamai wasa na patiyo...

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