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Issara Bendi Pema Song Chords

SongIssara Bendi Pema
Singer(s)Somasiri Medagedara
Time Signature4/4
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Transpose these notes, tabs and guitar chords into a different key:
 Dm   F    Dm
 F    Gm   C
 Dm        C
 C7        Dm

Am     Dm
Issara bendi Pema
Am        Dm
sith wala suwandai
F               C
yali pubudanne bari....
Ek kala athagili
oba ohu samagai 
Bb    C        Dm
mata ewasanne bari...

[Verse 1]
F                   Gm
oba piyaman kala -  samanala mawatha
F             C
mata ya ganne bari...
Oba pathana lowa - oba labana dina
Bb          C      Dm
mage sitha sthuta daki...

[Verse 2]
F                   Gm
Mage Asarana lowa - Ada ma pamanai
F              C
eya sagawanne bari...
Ekkala dagili - wen noma wewa
Bb        C      Dm
pathenemi suba..siri...

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