Mage Puthuta Mal Chords:Sisira Senarathne Songs and Guitar Music

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Mage Puthuta Mal Song Chords

SongMage Puthuta Mal
Singer(s)Sisira Senarathne
Time Signature3/4
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Mage puthuta mal, yahana sadanne
             G#   Bb7     Eb
Deasa sihina wel, paawi enne
Eb                      G#
Rosa kelekin, hamuwu wenne
Eb            Bb   Bb7       Eb
  Mata me kumarun, kawudo dunne
Mage puthuta mal

[Verse 1]
Bb               Eb   Cm           Bb7
  Punchi puthuni ayi, kirata handanne
Kawuda puthuta le, kiri kara denne //
         G#              Eb
Amma kiyalai, baha thoranne //
         Eb  Bb       Eb
E sudu amma, kohedo inne
Mage puthuta mal

[Verse 2]
Bb              Eb  Cm          Bb7
  Mawage lameda le, kirata perenne
E kiri suwandai , lowa pawathinne//
            G#                Eb
Puthuge sinawen, sathuta sedenne//
          Eb  Bb7           Eb
Mal yahanawe, puthu nelawenne

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