Geeyakin Kese Chords:Shayami Fonseka Songs and Guitar Music

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Geeyakin Kese Song Chords

SongGeeyakin Kese
Singer(s)Shayami Fonseka
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C         G7   C  G 
Gee... yakin kese...
  C     G     C
Kiyam sithum laye...
      C     G
Ran ruwan genalla...
      F      C
Malangin thiyala...
     Dm    F  C
Nillanu... adare...
      Dm    F  C
Noillanu... adare.. //

[Verse 1]
C          F       Bb       C
Neth obe nama... bala inne aye...
           F    Bb       C
So susum hela.. ma inne aye...
     Dm         Bb        Gm         C
Mithuran lese api... jeewithe... ekwemu...

[Verse 2]
C             F       Bb    C
Wenin kenek soya... sinasennako...
         F          Bb      C
Ma obe sithin ... makalannako....
   Dm            Bb          Gm       C
Athi ... thaye katha.. makadama sinasemu

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