Malsara Hee Sarin Chords:Shashika Nisansala Songs and Guitar Music

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Malsara Hee Sarin Song Chords

SongMalsara Hee Sarin
Singer(s)Shashika Nisansala
Time Signature4/4
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Transpose these notes, tabs and guitar chords into a different key:
|Gm  |F  |Cm  |F  |
|Gm  |F  |Bb  |F  |
|Eb  |F  |Gm  |-  | 

Gm        F        Cm    F  
Mala sara heesarin as pillam yatin
Gm       F          Cm     
Ringa kaatath horin kawuruth nethi 
Eb      F       Bb       F
Illanne ma oben denawada mahata
Eb       F        Gm
Denawada mata aadare

Bb        D            Eb           F
Malsarage dunna weradi matama wedunado
Bb           D          Eb         F
Paalu nagare inna aasai idak denawado
Gm   F        Eb  F        
Diganthayakin ananteta yana 
Gm    F      Cm
paara meda innam
Obata lanwi...

Bb            D              Eb           F
Hade doratuwa langata awidin sithada illanne
Bb          D                Eb         F
Mage nagare thawath kenekuta idak na denne
Gm     F       Eb    F      
Wasara gananak perum purala 
Gm   F    Cm
labu mandire
Matama himiwu...

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