Ma Ahase Liyu De Chords:Shashika Nisansala Songs and Guitar Music

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Ma Ahase Liyu De Song Chords

SongMa Ahase Liyu De
Singer(s)Shashika Nisansala
Time Signature4/4
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Gm | F | Eb | F
Gm | F | Eb | F
Bb | - | Cm | F
Eb | F | Dm | Gm

Eb | F | -  | Gm
Eb | F | Dm |

Gm        F       Eb              F
Maa ahase liyu de, penune numbata witharamai
Gm           F       Eb            F
Maa sulagata kiyu de, ahuwe kawuda numba thamai
Bb                    Cm             F
Ehewu nubata nodenune, numbata dunna hitha thamai
Eb         F                         Gm
Mage kiya, mata thibune, e eka hitha witharamai
Eb          F
witharamai  ee witharamai
E eka hitha witharamai, 
Eb            F         Dm  Gm
witharamai ee witharamai.....

[Verse 1]
Gm     F          Gm           F       Dm   F
Prarthana maha kande, kaluwara paamula unne man
Eb      F     Gm           Cm     F         Eb  F  Gm
Numbe nura tharu eliye, kandu mudunata gena nogiya nam
Gm        F    Gm                  F  Gm Cm
Adath maa hindiwi, thawath numba pathawi
Cm             Dm                Eb
Numba genama hitha hithaa innata,
     F          Gm
Hithawath mata thiyewi....

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