Akasaye Dura Gimhana Iwure Chords:Shashika Nisansala Songs and Guitar Music

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Akasaye Dura Gimhana Iwure Song Chords

SongAkasaye Dura Gimhana Iwure
Singer(s)Shashika Nisansala
Time Signature6/8
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Transpose these notes, tabs and guitar chords into a different key:
|Em  |Bm  |C  |-   |
|Em  |Bm  |G  |-   |
|Am  |C   |D  |G   |
|Am  |C   |D  |Em  | 

Em           D
Akasaye dura gimhaana iwure...//
G                 Am 
Maa igila ennam lagin thurulu wennam...
 C       D         Em
Obe unusume raathriye...//

|B7  |-   |C   |D   |
|G   |-   |Am  |C   |
|D   |G   |Am  |C   |
|D   |Em  |Am  |C   |
|D   |G   |Am  |C   |
|D   |Em  |

[Verse 1]
G              Am
Nannadunana me ranthaarakaawen
  C                  B7
Wala yahana ranwan wela...
 Am        D        G
Obe nuhuru geeyen sadaa soduru balmen...
  C       D       Em
Raye peedilaa yawane...

|C  |D   |Em  |

[Verse 2]
Man mula katharee...
Kembimak wu me..
  C                    B7
Bime nilena thuruwal araa...
  Am         D
Nidaa noinda innam...
Liyaa thaba yannam... 
 C       D         Em
Obe jeewithe maa namin...

|C  |D   |Em  |

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