Ananthayata Chords:Senaka Batagoda Songs and Guitar Music

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Ananthayata Song Chords

Singer(s)Senaka Batagoda
Time Signature4/4
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D                 C      G           D
Sihina mawannathi ahasa usatama thaniwama
D              C  G        D
Lanwenna wenna ai samahara dura
D              C        G      D
Ahena dakina dewal kotharam thibunada
D               C       G      D
Hadata denena dewal ai etharam bara

      D            C   
Sirawela... nawathila... nethinam
G       D
      D         C       G       D   
Nidahase.. igilila yamu   eka renaka
D     C    G    D     C  D
ohh hoo hoo.... oo.....

|D   |C   |Bm  |G   |
|A   |D   |C   |Bm  |
|G   |A   |D   |C   |
|Bm  |G   |A   |D   |
|C   |Bm  |G   |A   |
|G   |D   |C   |Bm  |
|G   |A   |D   |C   |
|Bm  |G   |A   |
[Verse 2]
D           C           G      D
Sema dema nimawiya heka nimeshayaka
D             C   G        D
Ehema unothin monawa hithannada
D                 C       G       D
Sihina wiman wala kaulu piyan herunama
C               C     G     D
Ananthayata yanawamai e mohothema

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