Seetha Ra Yame (Duleeka) Chords:Sanath Nandasiri Songs and Guitar Music

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Seetha Ra Yame (Duleeka) Song Chords

SongSeetha Ra Yame (Duleeka)
Singer(s)Sanath Nandasiri
Time signature4/4
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|Bb/F  |Gm/F  |Bb  |
|Gm    |-     |-   |
|-     |-     |
Gm            Cm  F
Seetha rea yaame, andure
Gm          Cm    F  BB
Waasana nil deasa pa ya
Gm          Cm    F
aadaraye unusum susum wel
Gm          Cm F    Bb  Gm
Ma hade rahase renduna
Gm                   Cm F    Bb
Duleeka duleeka duleeka duleeka

|Gm  |-  |F   |-  |
|F7  |-  |Bb  |-  |
|Gm  |-  |-   |-  |

[Verse 1]
Ma bala sitiya, diwa ra
F    F7     Bb               Eb 
Kalpana yahane, na ewan ruwa thama dutuwe
F    F7      Bb
Nadunana sihine

[Verse 2]
Maa obe hasareal jalaase
F     F7      Bb
Kimidena mohothe
Oba soya ennam igilleee
F     F7    Bb
Thaaraka eliye 

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